Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Post (Kim)

I am so excited about starting this blog. I think it will be a great way for us to share ideas and inspire each other. Amy first introduced me to TJed last spring, at a time when I was really questioning my decision to homeschool. I was questioning everything. Why I was homeschooling, how I was homeschooling, was it truly benefiting my children, mostly I think because I felt so worn out and tired of pushing and requiring. (At the time I was using a curriculum and following the teacher's manual very strictly.) Amy told me about a fantastic book that she had just read called A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van DeMille. I borrowed the book and read it all the way through that night. I was so inspired by it. It was everything that I had hoped to achieve by homeschooling and it had so many of the philosophies that I believed in, but that I just didn't know how to put into practice. After I read that book I read everything I could get my hands on by the DeMilles. I couldn't get enough. I was just so excited that I had found what I had been looking for and that it was actually working for so many families out there.

TJed has been great for me and my family. I feel like I have been give the tools to finally homeschool the way that I have always wanted to. I don't have the stress anymore that is associated with requiring my kids to do things they don't want to do. I am much happier and so are they. It has been fun watching them develop their different talents and interests this year, now that they are allowed to study what they want.
Thanks to Amy for introducing me to TJed, thanks for helping me get off the conveyor belt physically and mentally, and thanks for all the moral support and inspiration.
I know I still have so much to learn and even more to put into practice and refine. I am continually seeing things that I need to work on and improve. I feel like I am taking baby steps down the TJed road right now. I hope that some of the things that we say here will help others on their TJed journey, and that we can all learn from and inspire each other to greatness.

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