Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Conference Call with Dr. DeMille (Amy)

It's 9am here in Alaska and I'm waiting on hold with Dr. DeMille and the other attendees of the Face to Face with Greatness seminar from Alaska. We're just waiting for everyone to sign on. When its finished, I'll update you on what we learned...

...What a great lecture. He spent the hour discussing the 8 types of education (which fall under the three types: conveyor belt, professional, and leadership). The 8 types as he laid them out are: German Conveyor Belt, Unschooling, Classical, Mandarin Methodology, Tutored Model, Eclectic, The Learning Style Model, and The Developmental Type. I was scribbling notes as quickly as possible, but I think I got most of the information.

It was very interesting to hear about the different types and where they fit into the phases of learning. He also has a new book out entitled Leadership Education. You can purchase it for $26.95 at the George Wythe College Bookstore ( It sounds great and I've already got mine on order. I'll let you know when I get it.

Dr. DeMille will be coming to Alaska this summer to teach the 2nd Face to Face with Greatness seminar. He'll be teaching the entire 2 day course on mentoring. What a phenomenal opportunity for us here in Alaska. But, we need to make sure our #1 Seminar is filled first. As of today we still need 12 people to register. Let's all step up and do what is necessary to build a Leadership Community around us. Attending this seminar is the first step!

We have a new website for TJEd in Alaska. The address is You can get more information about the seminar there.

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