Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Light Bulb Moment For Me (Kim)

So I was listening to Dr. Laura today (big surprise) while I was doing the dishes, (Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid Dr. Laura listener and if you read this blog there is a distinct possibility that you will soon get tired of hearing me quote her.) and a stay at home mom called in and said she didn't feel fulfilled. Dr. Laura told her that "We feel fulfilled when we fulfill the needs of others," and that we should start with the needs of our family. She went on to discuss with this lady that how you feel is all in your attitude. She told her that even though so many of the things she does each day may seem mundane and not to matter they really are huge to her family. If she sat down with her family that night at dinner and asked them what they would do if they came home one day and she suddenly weren't there and all the things she did for them each day weren't done that these things that seem so small to her would be huge to them.
Yesterday she told another lady that had called in because she was unhappy with her husband, that when she is mad because she has to pick his socks up off of the floor to think about the widow who would love to pick her husbands socks up because that would mean that he were there. I started thinking about these two calls today as I was doing the dishes that I hate to do, but if I didn't have the dishes to do that would mean that I didn't have a family to dirty the dishes. What a difference it made in how I felt doing the dishes when I thought of it that way. I know as a mom it is so easy to get overwhelmed with everything we have to do everyday. It seems like we are always doing for everyone else and we never have time for ourselves, but the things that we do for our families are so very important to them and if we didn't have all these things to do it would be because we didn't have all of these people that we love so much. It's all in the attitude. It was a light bulb moment for me.

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Dahlia said...

Amen! Thank you Kim - you put the whole situation of being a mother into a good light. I'll definitely have to remember that next time I'm complaining in my head about chores or whatnot...if I didn't have them, then it would mean I didn't have a family to care for. Thank you!!!