Saturday, March 29, 2008

Waiting Impatiently (Kim)

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Being pregnant is zapping every ounce of strength I have. I have been so tired lately that its a good day if I get dressed and brush my teeth. Anyway, such is life. As the title of this blog says, I have been waiting, very impatiently, for my new book from Oliver DeMille to arrive from George Wythe College. The book is called Leadership Education, the Phases of Learning. I am so excited to read this book that I ordered it the day we had the conference call with Dr. DeMille and he mentioned it. That was the 12th of March. About a week after I ordered it and I was starting to check my mail box for it, I was sent an e-mail by the GWC bookstore saying that my book would be shipped the next day. So that's another week I had to wait. Well, I have been checking my mail for the past week and still nothing. I finally decided to see if the original e-mail had a tracking number on it so I could find out where it is. It did and my package left Washington State on the 24th of March. That was the last time it was handled. Okay, does it really take 5 days to get to Alaska from Washington. I have driven to Utah faster than that. I was hoping to have it read before the Face to Face seminar. Now I'm just hoping to have it by the seminar.
For any of you who are interested in the book here is a list of the contents:

NEW! Leadership Education, The Phases of Learning Includes:
Part I -
A Philosophy for life: Why the Phases Matter
Two Views of Childhood
The Phases
Part II -
A Recipe for Success: The Foundational Phases
Core and Love of Learning Phases
Transition to Scholar Phase

Part III - A Blueprint for Leadership: The Educational Phases
Scholar Phase
Depth Phase

Part IV - A Mandate for Service: The Applicational Phases
Mission Phase
Impact Phase

Coda - Grandparenting

Appendix - The Leadership Education Continuum

It looks like they have taken all of the packets and combined them into a book, which will be so nice, and then they are giving us even more information. The book is $26.95 through the GWC bookstore. Hopefully I will have it soon. I will let everyone know when I get it. (If you already have one, feel free to leave a comment and let us know how wonderful it is.)


Earle Family said...

Kim! I'm surprised you haven't received it yet. A fellow TJEder from Tok received her copy several days (like 4 or 5) before I left on vacation! She ordered it right after the conference call too. I hope you get it soon. We are having a great time here, although I'm drop dead exhausted. I'm really missing our workouts and eating on the go is killing me. I'm ready for Jake to join me and help lift the burden. Talk to you soon... Amy

Anonymous said...

It's really good! I would recommend this book first to new TJEd investigators.

In it, you will also find, the eight principle...

Enjoy it when it arrives!