Sunday, April 13, 2008

239,000 Miles to the Moon (Amy)

On July 16, 1969 the Apollo 11 Mission launched from Kennedy Space Center and headed for the Moon. Over the next 4 days they would travel 239,000 miles towards their intended destination. How much of that flight were they "on course"? Approximately 3%. So how did they get there? Course Corrections. When Dr. Brooks used this example at the Face to Face with Greatness Seminar, I had an epiphany.
Here is what happens a lot of times: We get really excited about our direction, path, mission, etc. We get organized and start out. After a while we get off course. Someone gets sick, we have to turn in work samples or participate in testing, our relatives question what we are doing or we get hit with a sudden case of anxiety and jump back on the conveyor belt. This is when it's important to look out at our long-range destination or goal and make course corrections to get us back on track.
If our astronauts were on course for 3% of the time over a distance of 239,000 miles and they still hit their mark, do we need to worry when those inevitable distractions that knock us off course come into our lives? As long as keep our sights on the ultimate goal and are willing to make course corrections when needed, we will be successful also.
The Face to face with Greatness Seminar was a huge boost. Miles were gained on my journey toward Leadership Education. My husband and I were able to unite in purpose and define our goals more fully which will make those inevitable course corrections a little easier I think.
The Apollo 11 Mission had thousands of support personnel on the ground helping them achieve their ultimate goal.
There have been times over the past 12 months as I have instituted Leadership Education into my home when I have had feelings of worry, anxiety, fear, and apprehension. But I have been surrounded by amazing examples of fortitude, strength, dedication, and purpose. That support has helped me focus on my ultimate goal and I've been able to make course corrections to keep me on my way. This is the purpose of community! It is so powerful.
It was a great feeling to look through the crowd at the seminar and see familiar faces from our book discussion group! There were 12 of us! I know the sacrifice that it took to get there. I'm excited for us all to return home and share our renewed excitement and purpose with our community there. Thanks to all of you who are sharing this journey with me.


Shawn and Kim said...

I loved your article. It was awesome. It was cool to see everyone from Fairbanks there. Thanks for keeping me on course.

aksunflower said...

I too enjoyed Dr. Brooks example and could so easily relate to it. It is going to be so fun watching this community grow. Thank you, Amy and Kim for getting us moving!! I look forward to seeing the effects this will have in our grandchildren.
Already looking forward to seminar #2...just a little reading to do between now and then. :-)