Friday, April 4, 2008

Share Something on Friday (Kim)

It's Friday and time to share something. We didn't really do much for school this week because of state mandated testing, which I am so glad is over. We did go to the library yesterday though. I love going to the library, but is always such a chore to take 5 kids. Lately, I have been trying to go to the library during my husbands lunch hour so he can come with us and watch the 2 littlest ones while I find the books I need. He wasn't with me yesterday so everything was much more complicated. I had K1 in the stroller and H3 walking with me, the other kids are old enough to stay in the kids section and find books themselves. H3 had her own basket and every time I stopped to look at something she would grab a book off of the shelf that was closest to her and stick it in her basket. Among a few of her finds were a book on the 1800s, personal finance, the oil industry, superman comic book and a cook book dedicated to tortillas (this is the only one that we kept. I was very hungry at the time)
When I go to the library I have a list of topics that I want to learn more about. The list develops from things we are studying and have questions about, things the kids are interested in learning more about, and things I want to study the upcoming month. When I get to the library I look up the topic in the online catalog. ( I am going to start doing this at home before I get to the library to save time while I am there I just didn't have the opportunity yesterday before I went)
Once I have found a couple of books that sound good I write down their call numbers and then I go to that section and look through the books there. I may or may not get the books that I found in the card catalogue. I look through them and choose books that are age appropriate for the child that will be reading them. I like to get a feel for the book that is the reason I don't just reserve them on the online catalogue. It usually takes me about an hour to go through my list and make my selections. I'm sure the librarians probably dread seeing us walk up to the check out desk. I get tons of books and I let my older kids check out as many books as they want, so I bring a laundry basket to carry all of the books in. I have tried other ways of doing it like everyone bringing their own backpack to put the books in, but I have found the basket works best. When everyone brought their own bag the books stayed in their bags the whole month.
Yesterday, I finally got some books for myself. I usually just get books for the kids and don't have time to find anything for myself. Well, yesterday was different for a change. I got some books on gardening (I am so anxious for spring to come can you tell?), books on money saving tips, I checked out The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey again. My husband and I read it last summer. It is an excellent book about getting out of debt and how to invest your money later. It totally changed how we handle our money. I got it for a refresher course. I also got a few books on journal writing. ( see my post for set a goal on Monday). Oh ya, and the tortilla cookbook. I am excited to explore my finds. I can tell I am in love of learning phase. I read a little from this book then a little from that book and then I move on to something else. With nonfiction books I usually skim through and read what looks the most interesting. It's a good thing we have libraries, or my home would be filled to the brim with books. Wait, it already is.
I thought for share something Friday it would be fun to hear what books everyone is reading right now. I love to hear about great books that other people have read. Share with us what you have read recently or what you are reading now. Leave a comment below or link to this blog from your blog. If you have something else you would like to share other than what you are reading that is fine too. To see what I am reading right now (other than my new library books)click on the link below to my blog.

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Sheila said...

Glad to see you got The Total Money Makeover! This book changed our lives! After drowning in cc debt, thinking we could NEVER get it all paid off, we are now debt-free with 8,000 in the bank! Ya--it is a miracle. We are very secure with our financial future now! Just had to share!
The Millionaire Next Door is a great read, too.

Sheila (Amy's friend)