Sunday, May 11, 2008

5 Pillar Certification (Amy)

Well, we did it! Kim and I have signed up for George Wythe College's 5 Pillar Certification program.
"WHAT IS 5 PILLAR™ CERTIFICATION? The 5 Pillars of Statesmanship are: Classics, Mentors, Simulations, Field Experience and God. Certification endorses an individual’s knowledge and ability in the Classics/Mentors approach to teaching leaders by incorporating all 5 Pillars into an overall approach to education—the approach which has trained great leaders from Washington, Jefferson and Abigail Adams to Lincoln, Churchill and Gandhi. The 5 Pillar™ Certification program is divided into three levels to facilitate progress." (from
Because of the amazing Leadership Education Colloquium group we've got going up here, we're almost done with level I! Then we'll be working on level II.
Here's what an email we received from the 5 Pillar director said, "The purpose of level II is to develop and hone your writing skills. You will write a one to two page paper on each book or play. The completed paper is then submitted to George Wythe College via the online learning center. See the attached document for complete submission guidelines. You will then receive one of two grades: A = Excellent; or DA = Do Again until it is an A. When you receive a DA you may be disheartened, but look at it as an opportunity for one-on-one mentoring. This experience will help you become a better mentor."
So, do you want to join us?? Wouldn't it be great to go through this with friends? Let's be a support to each other and become more than we would alone!

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Denice said...

Attending “Face to Face with Greatness” has changed the education path for my family. Reading on Thomas Jefferson Education was very enlightening, but actually hearing more on TJED made it even more real. So to start off with thank you to Amy & Tammy for all that you have done to start TJED communities & education to Alaska….

In April my 16 year old daughter & I attended the first conference, coming back home, we both have changed our educational paths, and have grown so much. For an example, we just came home from an unexpected overnight trip to Fairbanks, where we did not bring our books. Last night my daughter (remind you she is 16) stated “TV is boring; I would rather be reading anything then watching TV.” I can honestly say that we are a home that used the TV as background (& a generator pull) 24 hours a day. I still need it for the generator, but the volume is off. To me this was the first step in seeing how she is taking her education into her own hands. This was more than my “oh” moment, it was the moment that I was doing the happy dance inside & out!!!

Coming home from the conference I have been working on my own education, “you not them” everyday for at least 4 hours. Looking over the George Wythe College website I have been going over The 5 Pillar™, and working on the list. It is great to know that I am not the only one here in AK that has decided to invest in my education, not only financially, but time wise. I could not think of a better way of starting off with TJED then starting The 5 Pillar™ and showing my children what I can & am doing. I am looking forward to the first paper I get back with “DA”, to show that even Mom has to go back and re-do things!