Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ingredient #39 The Awakening (Kim)

Last month after my oldest read Old Yeller for book club, I decided to read it to the rest of the family. My 7 year old, who is in core phase, had always been in and out of the room while I was reading out loud. He would play with Legos, blocks and other toys but rarely did he sit and just listen to the story. Sometimes he would pick up on a few of the exciting points of the story, but playing had always been more important, until we read Old Yeller. When I started Old Yeller, it was the same as always. He sat on the floor playing with his toys, and then something wonderful happened. He climbed into the chair next to me, and he sat and listened the whole time I read. He climbed up next to me the next day and the next and every day until we finished the book, and he has been sitting next to me listening to everything I have read out loud since then. Oliver DeMille calls this the "Awakening." It was awesome to see and to realize what was happening. I love home schooling and being able to share these times with my children.
To read more about "The Awakening" read Leadership Education The Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMille page 134.

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Jody said...

Hi Kim,
We started reading Old Yeller to our kids too. In the middle of our reading time a friend dropped off her three boys. At first they all complained about wanting to play instead of listening. We compromised with building legos and models while I read. The two oldest forgot to open the model box they became so engrossed with listening! I loved it. It was the easiest babysitting:)