Monday, July 28, 2008

Glad I Went (Kim)

I am so glad I went to the 2nd Face to Face with Greatness seminar. It was awesome. It was great to hear Dr. Oliver DeMille in person. He was just as inspiring as I had hoped. The whole seminar was about mentoring your children and it was just what I needed. I really realized that I don't know my children like I would like to and like I should. He spent a substantial amount of time talking about how important Family Executive Committee (FEC) and 6 month inventories are to being great mentors. Basically if you want to have a Leadership Education home you need to mentor your children and to do that you must do 6 month inventories on each of your children and then put into practice what they need in your FEC. I realized that although I was applying many of the TJ Ed principles I wasn't giving my children a leadership education because we haven't been holding FEC. I did 6 month inventories on my 3 oldest children last March, but because we weren't holding FEC the things I learned my children needed during the 6 month inventories I wasn't applying because I didn't specifically schedule them to be done. I was so glad that my husband went with me. I think he also caught the vision of FEC and how important it is to truly mentor your children. I was going to post how to do 6 month inventories and FEC but Dr. DeMille describes it much better than I ever could in his book Leadership Education. FEC is discussed on page 62 under the heading Ingredient #1: Sundays. The Six Month Inventory is discussed on page 79.

If you have any questions about either of these subjects Amy and I would be happy to answer them. Just leave a comment.

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