Monday, August 25, 2008


Dahlia left a great question on my post about science. Sorry it has taken me so long to answer.
Here is her question:
"One quick question (may not be a quick answer): what are you doing with your 3 year old? Is she getting to do the same stuff as older siblings or do you have a "curriculum" for her at all? My 3 year old is in need of some direction - we do crafts, play, etc, but if I had a schedule of things to do with her, I know it would be better for me at least...I guess this is where the 6 month inventory and FEC come in :) And do you do those with H3 as well?"

Well, yes my 3 year old does a lot with the other kids, and no I don't have a "curriculum" for her. I do buy her age appropriate activities that she can do and we do tons of reading with her.
If you want more direction for your 3 year old I would suggest that you set aside a specific time each day when you play "school." Just make it fun and exciting and something she looks forward to each day. Be careful not to start requiring anything in the way of academics during this time. I know it is hard to find things to keep your 3 year old busy, especially when they are the oldest child. I recommend reading to her a lot and continue with the projects and crafts. There are a lot of craft books out there for preschoolers. One of my favorites is The Preschoolers Busy Book. It has everything in it from how to make clay to making decorations for holidays. Another great resource is the Five in a Row Series. The book has activities that you do based on great children's books. Most of the books you can get at the library, and each book has art, science, math, language, and geography activities to do with the book you read. I got volume 2 last year for my then 6 year old, and he loved the books we read and really enjoyed the activities. The Five in a Row series is for ages 4-8 but I think the activities could easily be adapted for a 3 year old. I don't know about the Before Five in a Row book. I read the reviews on Amazon and they weren't that great. You might just be better off starting with one of the 4 Five in a Row volumes.
And about FEC and 6 month inventories, you should do a 6 month inventory on each of your children regardless of their age. You should even do one on yourself and your spouse. These types of questions are great to be asking in your FEC. FEC is the time to discuss how to meet the needs of each child. The 6 month inventory helps you see the needs of each child and the FEC helps you form a plan and put into action how to meet those needs.
I hope this was helpful and that I answered your questions.
Thanks for reading, and we miss you guys.

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Dahlia said...

Thanks so much for the excellent information! I think I'll search the library for the 5 in a row books and the Busy Book. They look great!
And thank you for reminding me not to require things of her. She's been interested in letters and their sounds, so we play with her toy letters to make words - when she's bored, we do something else...I just need to remember that there's absolutely no rush for her to be spelling and reading anytime soon.

I'm reading John Taylor Gatto's book "A Different Kind of Teacher" and have really gained some insight into why I do want to homeschool. It's a good book and I'll write something up on my blog when I finish, but basically, the kiddos need not to learn compulsively or it just won't work! :)

Thanks so much Kim, you're such a good mom!!