Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Science Fun

Science is so much more fun when you are doing hands on projects. This year I want to do more science projects with my kids. I like to buy kits that have everything included to do the experiments, because if we don't have everything there when we are ready to do the experiment we never will do it, especially if we are missing something that I am going to have to order. By the time we get the missing item all the enthusiasm for the experiment is gone.

The past couple of years we have ordered our science curriculum from Sonlight. Their science curriculum comes with the kit for the projects and a video with someone doing all of the experiments. My kids like to watch the video and then go and do all of the projects on their own. I think I got spoiled by having everything right there. We now have almost all of the lower grade kits so I have been looking for other activities and kits.

Last year we ordered an owl pellet kit and book about owls and my kids LOVED it. The kit came with one owl pellet, guaranteed to have at least one skeleton in it, and a book that fully explained what an owl pellet is and how to dissect it. It also showed examples of skeletons that could be inside of your pellet so that you can identify what your owl ate. My kids had so much fun with it that I wanted to get more activities like it.

While I was surfing the net the other night I found a great website with exactly what I was looking for. They have a lot of science activity kits and they also have whole science curriculum packages that you can order. You can also purchase kits that have everything needed to do the experiment for the curriculum. We ordered an ant farm, dissecting kit, some science books, and a couple of the backpack kits. I let my kids each pick a subject they were interested in and we bought items on that subject. I think I get as excited as the kids waiting for it to get here as they do. As an added bonus if you order by the end of the week you get free shipping on all orders over $100.00.

Let us know what science products or curriculum you and your kids like. Leave us a comment.

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Dahlia said...

Science was my favorite subject! I checked out the website and want to order stuff for me :) There's an exact ant farm like your photo at the library here. It's really cool to see the ants carry "pebbles" of gel through their tunnels to make room.

One quick question (may not be a quick answer): what are you doing with your 3 year old? Is she getting to do the same stuff as older siblings or do you have a "curriculum" for her at all? My 3 year old is in need of some direction - we do crafts, play, etc, but if I had a schedule of things to do with her, I know it would be better for me at least...I guess this is where the 6 month inventory and FEC come in :) And do you do those with H3 as well?

Thanks for your input and we do miss you guys!!!