Sunday, August 17, 2008

Set a Goal on Monday (Kim)

I have decided to start setting a goal on Monday again. I need to write my goals down or I never do them. I will try to be more consistent, but I am not making any promises about doing it every week with a new baby coming. This week for my goal I am setting a bed time and I am sticking to it. I'm too embarrassed to say what time my bedtime is going to be because I am sure it is way later than most normal people stay up, but for me it will be a definite improvement, especially with the Olympics on lately I have been staying up waaaaaaaaay to late watching them. My goal is also to get the kids getting up at a regular time and back to a regular bedtime. Since we live in Alaska it is hard to get kids to bed early when it is still so bright outside at night. The sun doesn't even set here now until after 10:00. And when we go to bed late, of course we all want to sleep in in the morning and we don't get anything done all day. Am I the only one that does this? I hate it. I can't wait to get back to a regular schedule. I asked my kids today when we should have our first official day of school and they said Thursday. Public school starts on Wednesday, but I have a doctors appointment so they decided the next day. I was a bit surprised they wanted to start that early, but they seemed really excited about it. This last week we got our box of science stuff that I ordered the other day and it was like Christmas for the kids. They spent the whole day with their backpack kits and reading their new science books. Later that day my 11 year old asked when we were going to start doing school again. I asked her what she had been doing all day and wasn't that school. She replied that it wasn't real school because we hadn't had a "first day of school" yet. Maybe we never will. That way they can continue to enjoy learning without ever getting tired of "school".
If you are going to set a goal and want to share it with us we would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment or link your blog to ours. Don't forget if you link your blog, click on the title of your goal blog post then copy and paste that link. That way it will take us directly to your goal post. Thanks


Earle Family said...

Okay, here's my goal: I'm going start working out this week! My goal is to go to the gym 3 times. I've got an appointment to talk to a personal trainer. I'm not sure how that will go (I'm a little nervous) but I'll let you know.
I'm also planning on attending the Advanced Leadership Education Conference at GWC this weekend. I'm really excited. I'll post later about it...

aksunflower said...

My goal is also to get the kids up at a regular time. We started school on Friday, but they were exhausted. So I told them they have to get back on a schedule. The only problem is my husband loves to spend time with the kids at night and Mason doesn't get home from football until 8:30 each evening. So, for now we won't go to bed at a scheduled time. I usually give up and go to bed before they all do. It is the only way I survive.

The second goal is for the kids and I to spend 4 hours a day studying. They have made their list of 10 things they want to study and I am helping them find information for atleast 3 of those items for now.

Tate Family said...

Wow, there seems to be a theme! I also need to be getting my kids on a better schedule. I must confess, I love my quiet mornings while they are sleeping in!

I had good intentions of starting school this week, even had some goals to post. As usual other things interfere. We have much to accomplish here at home before snowfall and freeze so will have to focus on that first!

I did find somone to keep my kids on Monday and was able to spend some much needed time on inventories. I can really tell that I have spent much more time on Tyler's as his came much easier than anyone else's including my own! I came up with simple goals for this week. The theme for everyone was TIME. Fitting in specific individual attention for each has been a challange.

Thanks Kim for starting the weekly goals again!