Monday, August 25, 2008

Set a Goal on Monday (Kim)

I am ashamed to say that I did horrible with my goal last week. It seemed like we had something going on every night so I didn't get the kids to bed early. I went to bed earlier than I had been going to bed, but it wasn't early enough, and with us not holding school yet (something came up on Thursday so we didn't start until today) there was no motivation for me to get the kids up early. I'm pitiful I know. So my goal this week is the same as last week. Get the kids to bed on time, get myself to bed at a regular time, and get everyone up early so we can get jobs done and breakfast over with before we start school.
As I mentioned above, we had our first official day of school today. It went pretty well I thought. The kids were excited to get all of their new school supplies out and use them. We had a lot of drawing and art taking place today, because of the new crayons, markers, and colored pencils. During individual study time my 9 year old said he wanted to do some science experiments, but he didn't want to put anything together like batteries with wires to a light bulb, he wanted to make potions like a "mad scientist". HHmmmmmmmmm, I thought for a minute. That would be Chemistry. So we got the science books that I purchased this year, (Real Science 4 kids). This curriculum comes with a separate book for chemistry, one for biology and one for physics. I looked through the chemistry book and found that chapter 3 has experiments where you get to mix different household products together and then see how they react. That sounded like what he wanted to do. I said we should start at chapter one and read so we would know what they were talking about by the time we got to chapter 3. Now that I am looking back I think maybe I should of just helped him to do the experiments in chapter 3 and then if we were lost or needed more information we could have looked back in the other chapters. Maybe by doing the experiments first he would be inspired to learn more on his own. He did listen intently while I read the first chapter though. It was on atoms, and the periodic table it was deep stuff, but he seemed to get it. Hopefully he will still want to do the experiments tomorrow.
I thought I would share my schedule for our school day. This is what it looks like for now.
7:00 get up shower, kids get dressed and clean rooms
8:00 breakfast then kids do chores
9:00 Start school with devotional
9:30 kid school (I share something I am studying, or something I want to them to know about)
10:00 individual study time, I study and they study if they need help I am there to help them
12:00 lunch
1:00 Mom reads out loud to everyone for 1hr-1 1/2 hrs.
After mom reads they can work on projects, read, play outside or whatever
This is a little different than last year. Last year I read aloud in the morning before lunch, and I found they kids weren't getting the individual study time like I wanted. We'll try this for now. My schedule is fairly loose. It worked well today, I will see how it goes for the week. I love to hear other people's schedules for their school day. It gives me ideas for when mine isn't working.
I should mention that my 11 year old is in transition to scholar phase. She comes for devotional and then she may or may not follow the schedule with the rest of us. Sometimes she will listen in on what we are doing for kid school and reading out loud. If it is something she is interested in she will stay, if she has something else she would rather work on she goes off by herself to study.
To share your schedule with us leave a comment or link from your blog. Also if you want to set a goal and share it with us we would love to hear it. To link to us post on your blog then click on the title of your blog, copy and paste that link. That way it will take us straight to your post.


Dahlia said...

That schedule sounds doable! So what are the two little ones doing during the individual study time? :) And do you still try to schedule appointments during the afternoon? Do you find that you're waiting longer in the dr.'s office if you schedule later in the day? Thanks for being inspiring to me!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for your questions. I am still planning on answering your last question on the science. As for the little ones, today they were right in the middle of everything during study time. I try to keep them busy with coloring, puzzles, painting, play dough, and things that we kind of save for school time. If they want me to read to them I do, and if I am reading something to one of the other kids they are usually right there also.
As for appointments I don't usually schedule anything outside of the home until after 2:00. Some times this can't be helped if we are trying to get to the Dr. the same day, but if I am scheduling something in advance I always schedule it for late afternoon. I don't think I wait longer the later in the day I go. I haven't noticed a difference. I hope I answered your questions. Keep the questions coming, and thanks for reading our blog:o)

Tate Family said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for sharing your schedule! I find it hard to "fit it all in" each day.
I think my new goal for starting is next Wednesday.

aksunflower said...

Ok, the goal of getting the children up at a good time everyday did not work! It is still summer time at my house. I am just going to have to go with the flow... Some days I let the kids sleep until 9 because they were up until 11:30 or 12. Yikes!!!
But, we did make our second goal from last week. We studied everyday for 4 hours. In fact we studied longer most days. :-)
The kids seem to be getting back into the routine of school. I still feel the need to be more inspiring! Working on that...I think this will be a weekly goal for the rest of my life!
My personal goal for the week is to read 15 pages in Jane Eyre so I can finish the book for our adult book discussion.
We have also started reading a portion of Carry on, Mr. Bowditch for the kids discussion.
The boys have a goal to sell the last two pigs and turkeys. :-)
Life would be great except I have the flu today. When I came out of my room this afternoon there were lincoln logs all over the living room and my 14 year old had been reading for 2 hours! Now that is progress!!!