Sunday, August 31, 2008

What about when life isn't perfect? (Amy)

Last year we had a great school year! We used FEC (Family Executive Council) and Six Month Inventories. We held book discussion groups for parents and youth, started a Young Knights Club, and regularly met together with friends to discuss TJEd principles. I even had a "Math Club" going with my son and some other youth! Our home was a home conducive to homeschooling. We had plentiful bookshelves packed with classics. My kitchen was my dream kitchen with a 7 foot island perfect for projects! I am someone who thrives on organization and control and I had both.

I only describe this "so-called perfect life" to contrast my current situation...

Our family is heading out on an adventure, but one that will lack plentiful bookshelves, the perfect kitchen, and certainly complete organization and control.

So, now what? Seriously, what do you do when your life isn't all that you want (or need) it to be? What if your house isn't big enough? or your life is CRAZY? or you don't have time to do everything you'd like? or (fill in your own struggle here)...

You could (and if I was honest, I'd admit that I tried to) give up: surrender to the feelings of overwhelm and just wait for a time that would be easier to "get back on track".

But thanks to a mentor, a supportive spouse, and some really great friends, I'm not going to do that. I've decided that there is plenty that I can accomplish amid the chaos that will benefit my family and make us stronger and yes, better educated. I'm going to dig my heals in and keep going. We can keep holding FEC and continue to read and discuss as a family. We'll start projects, we'll travel, and we'll even do some math!

My life isn't perfect. I'm not sure when (if ever) we'll have another year that was as ideal as the last. But that's okay. The next few months will have their struggles, but they'll have their moments of beauty as well.

Like this morning... My husband is sitting next to me reading a book called The Self-Sufficient Life and How To Live It. My oldest son is compiling the pages of a book he's been writing into a notebook. My middle son is laying on the couch reading a Star Wars book and my youngest is filling out page after page in a kindergarten workbook (I've mentioned that he loves workbooks?).

It is quiet (except for the clicking of the keyboard) and everyone is occupied with learning! We're in limbo and everything isn't just how I'd like it to be, but we'll continue to work towards those things that are important and matter most. One step at a time.


Dahlia said...

I'm so happy you have a positive attitude through all the chaos, even if it's not coming all too naturally right now. It's wonderful that last school year was great - I think it lit the desire to learn within each of you and I know you can're doing it right now! Just remember the families of times past - all crammed into a dirt floor cabin learning by firelight. As I've said before, you're a great example to me! :) Enjoy your adventure!!

Kim said...

You just said everything that I need to hear right now. Thanks for inspiring us all to keep going.

aksunflower said...

Thanks for the encouragement! In the midst of trying to pack our house and get it ready to rent, I started to feel like we would never be able to study like I want us to. There is always something that needs our attention lately.
I am totally excited to have the house packed (which means decluttered when we return). The thought of doing school without textbooks is the highlight of my dreams! I just need to get through this next month... even then I know it won't be perfect. Finding a new house, cars, furniture, church, ect. will all be time consuming, but I feel like it will bring my family together and we will be learning about a different lifestyle. ONWARD!!!!