Monday, September 8, 2008

Set a Goal on Monday (Kim)

It's Monday again already and time for me to set another goal. Since my life is so crazy right now my goal is to have this baby and to just survive the week without going completely insane. How is that for a goal? My parents are coming the middle of the week so if I can survive until then we should be fine, my mom is a great help. Well, wish me luck, hopefully I will be on my way to the hospital soon.
Share your goal with us by leaving a comment or by posting on your blog and then licking to us. I look forward to hearing your goal for the week.


Dahlia said...

Best of luck with everything! That's so nice that your mom can make it up too! Take care :)

aksunflower said...

I wasn't able to post a goal for the week since my internet was down. But, my goal for this week was to clean the garage and start packing plus keep studying. I have a hard time balancing too many other distractions with studying. So far the kids worked in the garage and really made a big dent in it. We finally got some boxes yesterday and this morning I am going to pack the "extra" items in the living room. Our 1 year old granddaughter is coming tonight for a week and I thought that would be a good start to baby proofing the house. :-)
The kids have to finish their 4-H notebooks which has been a struggle. I reminded them they choose to do a market animal and this is one of the requirements. It sure takes away from the fun of school... I have tried to be inspiring, but when you have a son who does not like to write, it makes doing a notebook difficult.
Can't wait to be doing school on the beach!!!!