Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Learned Something today (Kim)

I learned something today. I learned about an artist named Camille Pissarro. He was born in 1830 and died in1903. He was called the father figure of the Impressionists. I learned that he was the only artist to have his paintings displayed at all 8 of the Impressionist exhibits, and that he has been described as "the truest of the Impressionists." This is my favorite painting by him.
Camille Pissarro. The Boulevard Montmartre at Night. 1897. Oil on canvas. National Gallery, London, UK
It didn't take me long to learn about him, just about 20 minutes. I kept getting interrupted, but that's okay. When I think about learning and studying I usually think I need hours of quiet time so I can get book after book out and take notes on some deep subject that makes my brain hurt. But today I had a few minutes and I just opened up a book I got from the library. I read one chapter and I learned. It didn't take long to read one chapter and now I know more than I did yesterday. And guess what? Tomorrow I am going to read one more chapter.

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