Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's Work

My kids have chores to do and they hate them. I have one child who complains nonstop about doing their job, one child who takes hours and hours to do a 5 min. job, and one child who can't remember from day to day how to do their job. I want my children to learn how to work, and I can't do everything myself, but it is so frustrating nagging my kids all day to get their jobs done. Well, finally after months and even years of frustration we are doing things differently around here. Some of you, probably a lot of you have been doing this already, but not me, it takes a while for me to do things the easy way. I have to try things the hard way until I about go crazy before I finally decide to find an easier way. The easy way this time is the Let's Work idea. How it works is that we all work together to clean the house. This has totally changed my day. Before we started doing this I would spend all day nagging the kids to get their jobs done. I would get mad at them for not doing their work and they would get mad at me because I was mad at them. But this way eliminates all of the frustration. I start off by playing some fun jazzy music that gets us moving, I even made a cd just for this purpose, and then we all start cleaning in one room. When that room is finished we move onto the next room, and then the next until they are all clean. The rule is that if you don't help clean you have to clean your room by yourself tomorrow. So far, the kids love it and I love it. It has taken away the complaining that "my job is the hardest", and "I always have the most stuff to take care of." I don't have to keep nagging and harping on the kids to hurry and get their jobs done, and I don't have to keep checking if it was all done and done right because I am right their helping and instructing as we go. I should have started this years ago. It has eliminated so much stress from my life. I am so much happier throughout the day because the house gets clean in the morning without all the nagging. Go ahead try it. Everyone needs less stress.


Tate Family said...

So Kim,
Do you do this everyday (ie before or after school each day)?
Have you been listening in at my house?

Kim said...

We do it everyday before school. I like to try to start school with the house somewhat clean. I am thinking we should do a quick 5 min. clean at the end of the school day also.
Thanks for your question.

Jenni Taysom said...

I like the idea of having "cleaning music", I try working with my kids, but they usually wander off or sit there while I work and I haven't figured out how to get them helping. Your ideas have helped me to try to improve chore time.