Monday, October 6, 2008

Set a Goal on Monday (Kim)

I think I am finally back to normal life after having one crazy, crazy month. Baby number 6 was born Sept. 8, (she is so cute), my parents came to visit, and then my brother was in a very serious car accident so I went to Utah for a week to be with him and my family. So it goes without saying that we didn't do much schooling in September. Some months are just like that and you can't stress about it or you'll go crazy. Things have calmed down now and we are getting back on a regular schedule, which is nice.
I have two goals this week. My first goal is to get my Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) turned in to my teacher at IDEA (Our charter school. Is that what IDEA is?) They were supposed to be done last month, but with my crazy life the way it has been my teacher has given me extra time. An ILP is a list of the curriculum you are using with each child and a list of what they will be learning. It won't be hard, just time consuming to do.
My second goal this week is to get all of our new school books put on a bookshelf. Right now they are all lying on the floor in the boxes they came in waiting for me to clean off a shelf for them. It is going to be a big task, that's why I have put it off for so long, but no more. This week is the week.
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Dahlia said...

Glad to hear things are getting back into a routine...I was wondering how you were holding up!
Thanks for making the goal-setting-Monday posts because it gives me a reason to set a goal for the week!
So I've got 5 weeks until baby comes so I think I'll work on getting whatever boy clothes I have washed and put away, which means rearranging our rooms a bit. Maybe I'll have a photo to post by weeks' end :)