Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great New Website (Amy)

I was going through some emails and came across one from Dr. Shannon Brooks (President of George Wythe College). He was announcing a new website:

The site is owned by Oliver and Rachel DeMille.

Although you can subscribe to the website for $9.99 a month, there is also a lot of free information. I especially loved Rachel's "Mine".

Here's the intro: "Rachel loves to think and write at the same time. These unpredictable journal entries will give a glimpse of what's on her mind, or on her heart. Sometimes intellectual, sometimes philosophical, sometimes whimsical, sometimes just plain average. This will include a periodic "perfectometer" self-rating on the day, based on several criteria. You'll get it straight from her to you with her trademark transparency!"

It is definitely worth the visit.

Leave a comment and let us know if you checked it out and what you thought.

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Earle Family said...

Kim... I love the new background! It's great!