Thursday, January 1, 2009

6 Month Purge (Kim)

My older kids are gone so I have been purging like crazy. I love it. I have filled bags and bags of stuff for good will and even more to be thrown away. We are cleaning out to make room for the new Christmas gifts and getting rid of all the clutter that has accumulated since my last purge during the summer. It's amazing what can find it's way into my house in just 6 months. The rooms I have purged so far include the family room, girls bedroom, the laundry room and most of my office. Rooms that I still need to purge are boys bedroom, my bedroom, and dining room. Because we aren't doing school right now it's the perfect time for a purge. Oh it feels good to get rid of the junk and to get stuff organized. So go purge your house and feel good.


Tate Family said...

Ugh! I was feeling quite self-righteous about my six month purges until tonight when I remembered that ours was due in November! No wonder I have been feeling "cluttered".

Earle Family said...

Nice! I'm already noticing after just two months, that junk is starting to creep into our space around here! We'll be ready for a purge soon. Maybe a "mini" purge? Or is that just cleaning the house? :)